Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery

Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery

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What is Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery?

Advanced laparoscopic surgical procedure is done by making an incision in the abdominal area. The incision is made several inches in length, but in most cases, it is around ½ inches in length. In medical terms, it is also referred to as minimally invasive surgery.

How advanced laparoscopic surgery is done?

During the surgery, the surgeon uses laparoscopy to diagnose/treat the problem. Laparoscopy is a thin and long tube that is put into the abdomen after the incision is made. This device has a camera attached to it which allows the surgeon to the inside of the abdomen with ease. Through this device, the pelvic organ and abdomen are seen easily. In case, there is some issue then an instrument might be inserted into the abdomen and a laparoscope is inserted which is referred to as single-site laparoscopy.

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